Of course I named the show after the great album by the Smittens and I pay homage to the band by using a clip of their song 11:11 for my theme. I hope the band doesn't mind, but when I have talked to various members of the band after shows they seem like nice people whom I think would be good with it.

I also use this name for my DJ night happening occasionally at the Jane Bond in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Note that the links to shows older than 6 months might not be working, if you really want those shows please send me an email and I can get them to you. (Note that prior to 2018 I called my podcast FireballXL5, so don't be confused if you look at an old setlist)

Special thanks to Jeff Woods for finding my a place to host my mp3s!

May 19, 2000

Fireball XL5 Setlist May 19, 2000

Before the show Michelle had many grand ideas for sets and with Garth
coming on I figured I wouldn't need to pick out any music. But as our
patio delivery occured on Friday afternoon (patio
update:www.civil.uwaterloo.ca/frseglen/patio.htm) Michelle didn't show up
until right at the end. And as Garth was just coming from work the only
CD he had was the one playing in his car - Arcwelder.

But the Arcwelder led into a set by fellow Minneapol band Husker Du and
its derivatives. Garth also picked out a lot from the new release section
of the library. In our first talking segment we discussed the difference
between a front end loader and a bulldozer, now that's good radio.

I'm leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks for a combination of conferences and
holiday time to Banff-Victoria-Vancouver, Michelle is coming out next week
for the holiday time in Vancouver. We will be visiting my family and our
friend Allison.

All I know about the next show is that it will be on June 9 after we get
back from out west.

(I had a suggestion to mark the Canadian songs on the setlist, I used (C)
but I don't know if I like that symbol)

Fireball XL5 Setlist May 19/2000

TALK - Theme
Janice Hall - Long Way Home (C)
Mike Short - Ry's Trailer (C)
Shecky Forme - Cartoon of a Rabbit (C)
Huevos Rancheros - Wild Turkey Surprise (C)
Pato Feo - Heart of Glass (C)
Arc Welder - Never the Same
Husker Du - Standing in the Rain
Grant Hart - Anything
Bob Mould - Can't Fight it
Sugar - Needle Hits E
OMD - Genetic Engineering
The Queers - I Wanna Know (out of 14 songs the only one I can play
The Slackers - Keep Him Away during the daytime, but I like their sound)
Nightmares on Wax - Morse
Sonic Youth - Renegade Princess
Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra - Bad Luck at Tulane (C)
Giant Sand - Shiver
Shannon Lyon - The Hobo Song (C)
Starling - Delusional (C)
New Wet Kojak - Love Career
War Wagon - Dead Soldier (C) (wonder why we played this song?)
Pet Shop Boys - Go West (because that's where we're going)
The Cure - Boy's Don't Cry(because we finally saw the movie this week)

May 13, 2000

Fireball XL5 Setlist May 12, 2000

White Courtesy Phone - Better
Giant Sand - Punishing Sun
Wilco - Via Chicago
Carolyn Mark - Edmonton
Hank Engel & the hossier Daddies - Ruin your life
L'Etranger - Wrestling with the nice stuff
Interview Clip 1
Grievous Angels - Saturday Night in a Laundromat (Toute La Gang)
Interview Clip 2
Grievous Angels - Kapuskasing Highway Song (One Job Town)
Interview Clip 3
Grievous Angels - A Mile Outside of Kirkland (Watershed)
Interview Clip 4
Grievous Angels - Johnny Mac (Waiting for the Cage)
TALK (Jayson and Onita's combined set)
Harry Conick Jr. - Next Door Blues
Astrogroove - Moonlink
Kristian Alexandrov - Balkan's Fairytale
Superjelly - Born in a Storm
Wayne O'maha - Palermo
B'Ehl - Waiting for June
Lemonheads - Ruderless
Len - Feelin' Alright
Built to Spill - The Plan
Yo La Tengo - Saturday

May 5, 2000

Fireball XL5 Setlist May 5, 2000

Michelle McAdorey - On a Friends being insulted
Grievous Angels - That was then
Contageous - Changes
Starling - Everything in the World
Groovy Aardvark - I feel Love
Yo La Tengo - Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
Cracker - Shake some action
The Sycamores - Props to Benny Hinn
The Sycamores - Frosh Week
Built to Spill - Step the Show
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in your Soul
Music from the Mist - Early one Morning
Ivanna Santilli - Cramel Sky
Bass is Bass - Funkmobile
Slave to the Square Wave - Transister
The Farm - Groovy Train
Originals - Down to Love Town
Tragically Hip - My Music @ Home
The Dreaming - Painted Birds
Janis Ian - God & the FBI
White Courtesy Phone - Car
Astogrove - In the Beginning
Shecky Forme - You'll nee a Telescope
Magnetic Fields - Come Back to San Francisco