Of course I named the show after the great album by the Smittens and I pay homage to the band by using a clip of their song 11:11 for my theme. I hope the band doesn't mind, but when I have talked to various members of the band after shows they seem like nice people whom I think would be good with it.

I also use this name for my DJ night happening occasionally at the Jane Bond in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Note that the links to shows older than 6 months might not be working, if you really want those shows please send me an email and I can get them to you. (Note that prior to 2018 I called my podcast FireballXL5, so don't be confused if you look at an old setlist)

Special thanks to Jeff Woods for finding my a place to host my mp3s!

December 22, 2006

Theme: Playing Christmas of course
On Air: Frank

I think I did pretty good job of playing mostly new (ie. songs I have never played before) for this year's Christmas show. The highlights were the first and last songs, do yourself a favour and listen to both of them. The starting song was a great 60s German tune extolling the glories of winter in Canada while the last song was recorded and sent to me by my friend Darryl Reimer from Vancouver. Both are sure to return to future Christmas shows.

My favourite discovery during the show was a new album by the Bell Rays that included the song "All I wanna Do Is Shag For Christmas" that went well with a Fireball XL5 Christmas favourite "Back Door Santa".

TALK - Theme
Elisa Gabbai - Winter in Canada
Stufan Stevens - Get Behind Me, Santa
Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter
Badly Drawn Boy - Donna and Blitzen
Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas (C)
David Carswell and Megan Barnes - I Wanna Kiss You This Christmas (C)
The Naked and the Dead - Ornament (C)
The dbs - Christmastime
Yo La Tengo - Rock'N'Roll Santa
The Ramones - Merry Christmas
The Lickity Splits - You Set My Christmas Tree On Fire
Clarence Carter - Back Door Santa
The Bell Rays - All I Wanna Do Is Shag For Christmas
Solomon Burke - Presents For Christmas
The Sonics - Don't Believe In Christmas
Shuffle Demons - Jingle Bells (C)
The Stars - Fairytale of New York (C)
The Diskettes - Noel (C)
Buck - Santa Baby (C)
The Pipettes - In The Bleak Mid-Winter
Young and Sexy - Santa Claus Likes Rich Kids Better (C)
The Morrisettes - Canadian Christmas
Elvis - Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
The Gems - Love For Christmas
Mojo Nixon - Christmas Christmas
Eels - Everything's Going To Be Cool This Christmas
Fountains of Wayne - Man In The Santa Suit
Montreal Jubilation Choir - Go Tell It On The Mountain (C)
Julie London - I'd Like You For Christmas
Eisley - The Winter Song
Claudine Longet - Snow
The Pretenders - 2000 Miles
Darryl Reimer - Merry Big Ole Christmas (C)

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

December 8, 2006

Theme: Playing Catch-up
On Air: Frank

After the last few shows I had a whole lot of leftover songs that didn't get to play and with the Christmas show up next and the Best of show after that I figured I should start out the new year with a clean slate. Thus there wasn't an overall theme to the show but I still think the show went together very well.

The only set that had a theme was one inspired by an article I saw in the Globe and Mail by Russel Smith, in it he discusses the fine division of Indie Pop music called Twee Pop. A lot of music I have been listening to and playing on the show lately could be classified as twee. Most of the article is pretty factual discussing the major bands in twee and describing the sound, he calls the Smiths the proto-twee band and that Belle and Sebastian are the current most famous twee band (I think this might have been true with a lot of their early stuff but no so much lately). But, the parts of the article that I really had problems with were his assertions that somehow the music is part of an organized movement striving to be anti-establishment, in my opinion its just happy music that sounds good. He ends the article by saying that the people who like twee are "uniformly women" (based on my gender I disagree) and you outgrow this type of music as you get older (again based on my advanced age I disagree). However, an upside of the article is that I found out about a great band called "I'm from Barcelona" which is how I started out that set.

See the original article here:

Find out more about Twee here:

TALK - Theme

The Positions - Back To Me
Starflower - Dance Till Morning Light
Los Abandoned - Van Nuys (Es Very Nice)
Psapp - Hi
The Exteriors - The Hates
Knock, Knock, Ginger - You Could've Been My Johnny Marr (C)
D'Ubervilles - We're Blowing Up (C)
Kelly and the Kelly Girls - Ferris Wheel (C)
Duke Spirit - House Is Not A Motel
The Pants Situation - Fifty Fifty (C) **I love the name of this band!
Los Straightjackets - Peppermint Twist
Moses Mayes - Tell Me (C)
Sasha Dobson - Without You
Evy - Quel Genre De Fille
El Perro Del Mar - Here Comes That Feeling
Dion - I Was Born To Cry
Robyn - Be Mine
Goldstoned - Always On My Mind
Peter, Bjorn, and John - Let's Call it Off
Kings of Convenience - Misread
From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona
Shade Tree - Stupidest Thing
The Broken Hearts Club - Abbotsford and Flemington (C)
The Diskettes - Jump Up (C)
Henry Faberge and the Adorables - Lonely Postcards (C)
Lake Holiday - In Whisper (C)
Tom Waits - Lie To Me
Blow Monkeys - It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

November 24, 2006

Theme: Knock, Knock, Ginger Interview
On Air: Frank and Knock, Knock, Ginger

This was a very special show as I was joined by most of the members of local band Knock, Knock, Ginger to preview their upcoming EP release show at the Starlight on Thursday, December 7th. The topics of conversation included: the origins of the band, their experiences traveling to and performing at this year's Halifax Pop Festival, the songwriting process, and of course their new EP.

One cool thing we also got to do was to play a few songs that came from a contest the band held in conjunction with the Starlight. As part of the contest people could suggest up to 3 songs that the band should cover during their show at the Starlight, the band got an anonymous list of the songs and the person who suggested the song they pick will get a prize pack. So for the show we played some of the suggested songs (which may or may not have been the songs that I suggested), I have marked the songs appropriately below.

Once more I would like to thank Milosz, Matt, Lisa, and Owen for coming out to the show and doing such a great job. See more info about the band here: http://www.myspace.com/knockknockginger

TALK - Theme

Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You
The Diskettes - Art (C)
The Pipettes - It Hurts To See You Dance So Well
Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone **See Note 1
TALK (mostly a Milosz set)
Acid House Kings - This Heart Is A Stone
** Decemberists - Yankee Bayonet
Henry Faberge and the Adorables - Out Of Your League (C) **See Note 2
The Bicycles - Australia (C)
Catatonia - Dead From The Waist Down (C)
TALK (Matt's set)
Ratatat - Wildcat **See Note 3
The Sourkeys - Gossip (C)
Two Hours Traffic - Stuck For The Summer (C)
Hot Chip - The Warning
Knock, Knock, Ginger - Virginia Black (C)
** New Order - Fine Time
** Diana Ross and the Supremes - Love Child
** The Lemonheads - If I Could Talk I'd Tell You
Knock, Knock, Ginger - Love Renee (C)
Knock, Knock, Ginger - Tragic Love Affair Of Kasey and Jaime (C)

**Song that was suggested as part of the contest

Note 1: Even after almost 30 years this song really holds up well

Note 2: Both of these bands played a show with Knock, Knock, Ginger at the Grad House a few months ago, unforunately they didn't have as good a time as when the other bands played Vancouver: http://radio3.cbc.ca/blogs/2006/11/Take-Your-Shirt-Off

Note 3: Matt likes this song so much he has it has the ringtone on his phone, which we proved on the air.

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

November 10, 2006

Theme: Money and Gambling
On Air: Frank and Deep Space Wayne

For this show Deep Space Wayne was my guest and he was celebrating his poker victory the night before by playing a few songs about money or gambling (I can't believe he beat me not once but twice when I had a straight). Before he got there I played some of the songs that I had built up over the last little while since I had theme for the last few shows.

The second set started with Lloyd Cole whom I recently saw in Toronto at the Mod Club. It was a great show where he concentrated on a lot of his earlier solo material and songs that he did with the Commotions, not being a fan of his most recent album "Antidepressant", this was quite alright with me. However, the song I played during the show is the best from Antidepressant.

I ended the show with The Jolly Llamas who were playing that night at the the inaugural Sonic Boom Awards. These were CKMS sponsored awards for both programmers and local artists, just like those track and field events in public school where everybody got a ribbon, I tied for Most Memorable Voice (not best or coolest, but most memorable, I don't know if that is a compliment or not).

TALK - Theme

Irene - Into the Sun
Little Name - How To Swim And Live
Cats On Fire - Draw In The Reins
Shade Tree - Where Do We Go From Here

Lovejoy - In The Rain
Lloyd Cole - NYC Sunshine
Great Aunt Ida - Little Voice (C)
Stuart Staples - There Is A Path **Note 1
Young and Sexy - Satellite (C)
Carolyn Mark - Chumpville (C)
Ohbijou - St. Francis (C)
De Novo Dahl - Shout
El Perro Del Mar - God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)
The Lovely Feathers - Photocorners (C)
Howe Gelb - But I Did Not
Bocce - Bicycle Cop Bears (C) **See Note 2
Shout Out Out Out - Self Loathing Rulz (C)
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor (DSW)
The Rapture - Get Myself Into It
The Beta Band - Outside (DSW)
Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment (C) (DSW)
The Thermals - A Pillar of Salt
Jesus and Mary Chain - Far Gone And Out (DSW)
The Cliks - Start Leading Me On (C)
Sonic Youth - Reena (DSW)
The O'Jays - For The Love Of Money (DSW)

The Jolly Llamas - Jenna's Vegan Docs (C)

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

(DSW) Denotes song picked by Deep Space Wayne

Note 1: This song features the former lead singer from Lambchop who has one of the most distinct voices in music.

Note 2: The second last set started out with a couple of bands that I caught at the Starlight a few days before the show, Bocce and Shout Out Out Out. Although their website says that SOOO has 4 bass players; I only saw 2 of them along with 2 keyboardists, 2 drummers, and a singer. They were almost as high energy as the local opener Bocce.

October 27, 2006

Theme: Big and tall and short
On Air: Frank

The theme for this show was Big and Tall and Short (after a sign I saw for a store in Hamilton) so all the songs I played were either over 6 minutes or under 2 minutes long. I think it went OK, but it was difficult to mix the two different song lengths, as in general the shorter songs were happy indie pop while the longer ones were more groovy laid back songs.

I made sure to note the lengths of each of the songs in the setlist. I got a couple of suggestions of songs to play, but I couldn't justify playing Onita's suggestion of Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant, as at 18 minutes it would have taken up too much of the show.

The last song (Abe Vigoda's dead) was 15 seconds short of 6 minutes but I let it go as it was my tribute to Halloween. However do note that Abe Vigoda is indeed alive, this is confirmed by the website www.abevigoda.com where the current state of Mr. Vigoda is displayed (you can also get this as an add-on to Firefox). I still remember the Letterman episode where they quelled the original Abe Vigoda is dead rumour by having him in the show's control room. Does anybody still watch Letterman anymore or has everybody moved to Stewart/Colbert?

And although I had to play a first song I'm not considering it my top song of the week. It was a busy time for me before the show with being in Saskatchewan for a week and a couple of birthdays so I couldn't find a song that had that something something that it needs to be my top song.

TALK - Theme

Nicole Willis and the Sound Investigators - No One's Gonna Love You (6:05)
Bran Van 3000 - Astounded (C) (5:56)
Ivana Santilli - Sun + Moon = Tomorrow (C) (6:01)
The Pipettes - I Love You (1:38)
The Diskettes - Art (C) (1:42)
The Bicycles - Sure Was Great (C) (1:35)
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (C) (6:02)
The Doers - We're Open (C) (1:55)
Yo La Tengo - Heard You Looking (7:01) **Suggested by Chris D
Chixdiggit - Getting Air (C) (1:33) **Suggested by Chris D
Dengue Fever - 1000 Years Of A Tarantula (6:43)
Cassius - The Sound Of Violence (7:13)
Junior Boys - Like A Child (C) (6:07)
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - Butterball (6:18)
CUB - Your Bed (C) (1:32)
The Sin-Tones - Trailer Park Sadie (C) (1:43)
Unrest - Cath Carroll (10 cc mix) (7:13)
King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew (7:36)
The Pipas - Riff Raff (1:51)
spinnwebe.com - Abe Vigoda's Dead (Premorteum mix) (5:45)

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

October 13, 2006

Theme: Accordion Fever
On Air: Frank

The accordion themed show went very well, and again before I scare anybody off from listening to the show, I only started off each set with a song that contained some accordion. As well during each talking break I read some selections from the Geoff Berner booklet: How to be an Accordion Player, get more information about it here: http://www.geoffberner.com/introduction.htm

Note that unlike the Corrine Bailey Rae song, I am aware that the Lilly Allen song "Smile" is a popular song, but I played it anyway. The third set came from music that I had recently purchased from the great indie pop website: www.poppolar.com

After the side projects set I was made aware that I had done a great injustice by not playing the band Dump after playing Yo La Tengo (Dump is a side project of Yo La Tengo's James McNew), I corrected this great injustice during this show.

TALK - Theme

The Rascals - Groovin'
Amp Fiddler - Right Where You Are
Lily Allen - Smile
Bic Runga - Say After Me
Hawksley Workman - You Me And The Weather (C)
Wet Spots - Blitzkrieg Polka (C) **See Note 1
The Snow Fairies - The Life Of A Total Square
The Besties - Prison Song
Sandro Perri - Circles
Axel Yngvell - The Great Big Saturday
Nils Folke Valdemar - The Taking Off Of Pants
TALK (poppolar.com set)
The Cajun Ramblers - Venez A Louisianne (C) **Digital Tape
The Pipettes - One Night Stand
Cats on Fire - The Smell of An Artist
The Tidy-ups - Death To The Tidy-ups
Pipas - Basements
Lake Holiday - Don't Stay Forever (C)
They Might Be Giants - Istanbul Not Constantinople
Wax Tailor - Que Sera
Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye (C)
Memphis - In The Cinema Alone (C)
Two Hours Traffic - Jezebel (C)
Jens Lekman - Julie (Remix)
Square Root of Margaret - The 3-D Breeze (C)
Yo La Tengo - Point and Shoot
Dump - Erotic City
The Reverb Society - Shake Don't Stir (C)
Geoff Berner - We All Gotta Be A Prostitute Sometime (C)

Note 1: The show was during the annual Oktoberfest festival in Kitchener-Waterloo and this song mentions the festival.

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

September 29, 2006

Theme: Side Projects
On Air: Frank

The side projects theme really got people thinking so I got lots of suggestions for bands to play. A great suggestion was made by Chris F. who remembered that I had told him about seeing NoMeansNo before the show and came up with the Hanson Brothers a side project of NoMeansNo. Also topical as hockey season started the week after the show.

Deep Space Wayne suggested that I could have just done the whole show based on Broken Social Scene which is pretty much a band that is a side project of people from other bands.

I made an impulse buy the night before the show and picked up the acclaimed and influential album "Colossal Youth" by the Young Marble Giants. I first heard of Stuart Moxham of the band because of his involvement with the Stephin Merrit project The 6ths as well I have heard lots of people praise him so I decided to go for it. So far I'm really liking it. I also played songs from few other CDs I picked up right before the show.

TALK - Theme

Peter Bjorn and John featuring Victoria Bergsman - Young Folks Cats On Fire - Higher Ground
^^ Jim Noir - Key of C
Dyrdin - Popp & Co
** Young Marble Giants - Salad Days
## The Stars - Reunion (C)
++ Amy Milan - He Brings Out The Whiskey In Me (C)
++ ** Memphis - Incredibly Drunk on Whiskey (C)
Violet Lyal - To You Leaving (C)
## NoMeansNo - I Need You (C) **Suggested by Chris F.
++ The Hanson Brothers - 100 + 10% (C)
## New York Dolls - Personality Crisis **Suggested by Karen M.
++ Buster Poindexter - All Night Party
## Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Chicken Dog **Suggested by Chris D.
++ 20 Miles - Mend Your Heart
Ladyhawk - The Dugout (C) **Suggested by Rick W.
^^ Sound Team - Your Eyes Are Liars

Yo La Tengo - Watch Out For Me Ronnie
## Metric - Combat Baby (C) **Sort of suggested by Chris D.
++ Emily Haines - The Lottery (C)
Those Transatlantics - The Other Cheek
Great Aunt Ida - We Say No (C)
^^ The Icicles - Snowman
## New Order - Regret
++ Electronic - Late At Night
** Junior Boys - In The Morning (C)
Jonathan Richman - Since She Started To Ride **See Note 1
Harvee - No One Here **See Note 2

## Original band
++ Side Project

** Bought the day before the show at Soundscapes
^^ Doesn't mean anything but I just really wanted to make the setlist really, really, confusing

Note 1: Dedicated to Mike and Jackie, I decided to play the song because of a conversation I had with them and Jackie talking about spending a lot time at the barn looking after horses

Note 2: Bonus song because the person on after me was a few minutes late.

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

September 15, 2006

Theme: No Theme
On Air: Frank

Not a lot to say about this show, I think I played lots of great songs, but not much of an overall theme even within individual sets. There were a couple of notable new releases by both Yo La Tengo and Memphis, I was really excited by both of them so I played a set of double shots so I could hear more of each album. I talked about Yo La Tengo in the last mailout while Memphis is a side project of Torquil Campbell of the Stars. From this initial listen it sounds much more developed than the first Memphis album and more my style than Amy Milan's solo effort.

Another song of note was by the Shakers, a band that featured Dave Rave, formerly of Teenage Head and many other bands. He has just released a great Anthology featuring songs from his long career. Find more about him here: www.dave-rave.com .

For the rest of the show I played lots of other great songs, a few from some CDs in the new release section that I had never heard of before the show: the aforementioned Violet Lyal, The Golden Dogs, and The Balling Jacks.

TALK - Theme
The Gresham Flyers - Shiftwork
Irene - Little Things (That Tear Us Apart)
The Ballet - In My Head
Peace In Our Time - Everyone or Anyone
Serenade - The Sweetest
TALK (Double Shot Set)
Yo La Tengo - I Feel Like Going Home
Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough
Memphis - I Dreamed We Fell Apart (C)
Memphis - In The Cinema Alone (C)
Violet Lyal - Camera (C)
Violet Lyal - Ready To Go (C)
Those Transatlantics - In Your Neighbourhood
The San Marios - Half A Million
The Tidy Ups - Dizzy Hieghts
Acid House Kings - That's Because You Drive Me
The Shakers - Let's Face It (C)
Pointed Sticks - Marching Song (C)
The Skatomatics - Pop Song (C)
The Balling Jacks - Going Insane (C)
Wax Mannequin - The Price (C)
Annemarie - Apple (Suicide On Your Stereo)
Klavey Y Kongo - Ay Candela!
Mary Margaret O'Hara - Dream I Had (I) (C)
Regina Spektor - Hotel Song
The Dears - Whites On Party (C) **See Note 1
The Golden Dogs - Construction Worker (C) **See Note 2
The New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish Disco (C)
Elliot Brood - Second Son (C)

Note 1: This song was dedicated to the new edition of Survivor where the initial split of contestants is along racial lines.

Note 2: The Golden Dogs reminded me a lot of The New Pornographers, so I had to play them next.

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

September 1, 2006

Theme: No Theme
On Air: Frank

I just loved both of the first songs I played, I could have just put them on repeat for the rest of the show. I still don't know why I like Regina Spektor so much, on paper I shouldn't, she is a solo piano player who does a lot of vocal gymnastics which is generally not my thing, also I have never been a big fan of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, or Ani DiFranco all of whom she has been compared to, yet something about her songs make them catchy and beautiful. The second song was by New Buffalo and featured Jens Lekman and thus was a no-brainer as far as me liking it.

In the first set I also played a song by a band called The Repomen, so I had to play a song off of the soundtrack to the cult classic Repo Man. That album has so many great songs, but I decided to play the Burning Sensations version of the Jonathan Richman song Pablo Picasso.

The Yo La Tengo song is from their new album "I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass", related to this is the website http://www.iamnotafraidofyouandiwillbeatyourass.com/ where you can see many different people saying the line, you can even submit a video of you saying it and maybe it will be added to the video wall.

The Circus Room set featured songs by some of the great bands I saw at the Circus Room the Sunday before the show, not only were the headlining Mega-Haunches great (with their Bizarro twins from Knock Knock Ginger and go-go dancers) but the opening acts were also quite good. The Reverb Society lead singer (like me) obviously watched a lot of TV in the late 70s and 80s as they have song titles like "I Am The New Number 2" and "Zis is KOAS!" they also played the theme to "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." during the set. So during the show I played song from a vinyl EP I bought many years ago solely because of the title "Illya Kuryakin Looked At Me", as the two agents from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. were Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin.

Got to love the Magic Numbers doing a cover of the Beyonce song "Crazy in Love", the only reason I know the song is that they used it as the Raptor intro song this past season.

I ended the show with a song by trumpet player Maynard Ferguson who passed away before this show. He is best known for playing the trumpet part in the Rocky theme "Gonna Fly Now", find out more about him here: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory?id=2352609

TALK - Theme
Regina Spektor - Fidelity
New Buffalo featuring Jens Lekman - Inside (the Corrections)
Modern Boys Modern Girls - Oleander (C)
Mica - Stitch
Repomen - Lights Out
Burning Sensations - Pablo Picasso
Yo La Tengo - I Should Have Known Better
Subhumans - Celebrity (C)
Forbidden Dimension - Tonight I Paint In Flesh Colour (C) **See note 1
The Grates - 192020
The Clash - Police On My Back **See note 2
The Skatomatics - Burning Bush (C)
Planet Smashers - Mighty (C)
Hidden Cameras - Lollipop (C)
Little Name - For The Attention Of
April Fools Day - My Avenue
TALK (Circus Room Set)
The Haunches - Crush On Friend Ends In Tragedy (C)
Hexes And Ohs - Whaddya Know? (C)
The Reverb Society - I Am The New Number 2 (C)
Cleaners From Venus - Illya Kuryakin Looked At Me **Digital Vinyl
The Dears - You And I Are A Gang Of Losers (C)
Dirty On Purpose - No Radio
The Southern Alps - Tuesday Morning
The Mountain Goats - Half Dead
Tobias Froberg - When The Night Turns Cold
Good On Paper - The Message
The Magic Numbers - Crazy In Love
Maynard Ferguson - I Love You

Note 1: The Forbidden Dimension features the former lead singer of one of the greatest Canadian Bands ever - Colour Me Psycho

Note 2: I played the Clash song because it was briefly played on the Emmy's as Conan O'Brien was running on to the stage after his gag opening.

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

August 18, 2006

Theme: Advertising Music
On Air: Frank

The advertising music set didn't go that well, of course I should realize by now that if I want to make sure that
I will be able to play a song I have to bring it myself. I wanted to play some more songs in the set but I didn't
have them. I also should have remembered that the song by Joel Plaskett I was looking for is only available as a
mini-CD included in his DVD.

I did manage to find a good website that lists music used in commercials (adtunes.com). The best part of the site
is the searchable forum section, so you can look up a song, artist, or product you want to know about and usually
somebody has started a thread about it.

As I missed doing the previous show, there were 4 weeks of songs vying for the top song of the week, you can see
the winner and other contenders in the setlist below. A few songs from the first set (and the top song) came from
a great new podcast I found this week called indiepopradio ( http://indiepopradio.blogspot.com/ ), there are only
5 of them on the site but they are all very good. He also has a live365 site that plays a new set of 50 songs
every week.

And I swear I had not heard of Corinne Bailey Rae before I played the song during the show, but a few days after
the show, I was driving to Montreal and flipping around stations when I heard the song on America's Top 20 with
Kasey Kasem (yes he is still doing the show and it is 20 now instead of 40). I have also seen stories on Bailey
Rae in various newspapers and on-line. That is the danger of not listening to commercial radio, I can hear a song
on somebody's podcast and I think that nobody else knows about it but it turns out to be a popular song.

There was also the "bands that sound like Franz Ferdinand" set, especially the song by Cribs which could have been
a Franz Ferdinand cover, some people don't agree with me about the concept of the set, but listen to it and decide
for yourself. Speaking of sound-a-like songs, I ended with a song by the band "Boys" that sounds exactly like
Morrissey, check below to see to whom the song was dedicated.

TALK - Theme
The Mayfields - Deeper Than The Ocean
Hidden Cameras - Awoo (C)
Little Name - You Tear My Love Apart
The Bicycles - I Know We Have To Part (C)
Smoosh - Find A Way
TALK (bands that sound like Franz Ferdinand)
Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat **Also a strong contender for top song
HelloGoodbye - All Of Your Love
Cribs - Martell
Controller, Controller - PF (C)
Shout Out Out Out Out - Self Loathing Rulz (C)
Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On **Also a strong contender for top song
Nouvelle Vague - Blue Monday
The Souljazz Orchestra - The Blind Leading The Blind (C)
Someday Baby - Running To The Judgment
TALK (Advertising Music Set)
Telepopmusik - Breathe - Mitsuibishi
Deeds Plus Thoughts - The World's Made Up Of This And That (Fatboy Slim Remix) - Toyota
I Am The World Trade Center - Me To Be - Five Alive
The Magnetic Fields - I Think I Need A New Heart - Ceasar's Dog Food
Geoff Berner - The Way That Girl Drinks Beer (C) **Appearing at the Ebar Aug 24
The Barmitzvah Brothers - Hollow Time Of The Night (C) **Appearing at the Ebar Aug 24
Andre Ether - The Best We Ever Had (C)
The Diskettes - Museum (C)
Wood Pigeon - Hymn For Two Walks (C)
The Firey Funaces - Waiting
The Marble Index - All That I Know (C)
The Anit-Qs - Little Jesus
Spencer Dickinson - The Man Who Lives For Love
Matt Pond PA - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Boys - A New Girl Born **Dedicated to Keira Innes who turned 1 year old the day after the show

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

July 21, 2006

Theme: Hillside Preview
On Air: Frank

I got the party started with the first set of danceable music, starting off with my top song by the Pipettes who released their debut album in England this week, unfortunately I haven't seen a North American release date.

The second set featured some of the acts that are going to play the Grad House the Thursday night following the show. Along with great local act Knock, Knock, Ginger the evening features Henry Faberge and the Adorables as well as the Bicycles. I remember the Bicycles from when I saw them with Derek open for I am the World Trade Centre a few years back in Toronto. Even back then I thought the Bicycles were something special and now they have come out with a great debut album.

The Hillside preview highlighted a few of acts that I was looking forward to seeing in Guelph at the Hillside Festival the next weekend. As well as the musical acts I also tried to touch on the various workshops and other things that make the Hillside Festival so enjoyable.

On the festival theme, Michael T e-mailed me that him and Garth were going to see Sonic Youth and the Go! Team in August. Also in that set, the song by the Submarines sounded so much like the Stars that I had to play them next.

I ended the show with a song from the movie Clerks II that I saw at a free preview the night before the show, the Talking Heads song played over the opening credits. I enjoyed the movie, it wasn't as good as Chasing Amy or the original Clerks, but it was a good return to form.

TALK - Theme
The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
Blaze presents UDA featuring Barbar Tucker - Most Precious Love
Men Women & Children - Dance in my Blood
MSTRKRFT - She's Good For Business (C)
Jackie Mittoo - Grank Funk (C)
The Bicycles - B-B-B-Bicycles (C)
The Bicycles - Paris Be Mine (C)
Henry Faberge and the Adorables - Out of Your League (C)
Knock, Knock, Ginger - Virgina Black (C)
I am the World Trade Centre - Metro
The Futureheads - Skip To The End
TALK (Hillside Set 1)
Great Lake Swimmers - When It Flows (C)
Final Fantasy - I'm Afraid of Japan (C)
Corb Lund - Always Keep An Edge On Your Knife (C)
Carolyn Mark and her Roomates - After Bar Party (C)
TALK (Hillside Set 2)
Fiest - Mushaboom (C)
Amy Millan - He Brings Out The Whiskey In Me (C)
The Stills - Helicopters (C)
The Hidden Cameras - The Animals of Prey (C)
Sonic Youth - Jams Run Free **Suggested by Michael T
The Go! Team - Feel Good By Numbers **Suggested by Michael T
The Submarines - Peace & Hate
The Stars - What I'm Trying To Say (C)
Imogen Heap - Goodnight & Go
Bob Wiseman - What the Astonaut noticed and then said (C)
The Rakes - 22 Grand Job
The Rogers Sisters - The Clock
Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

July 7, 2006

Theme: Art, Daniel Johnson, and the Bikini
On Air: Frank

In the week before this show, I went to see the movie about quirky alternative singer Daniel Johnston (http://www.hihowareyou.com/) called "The Devil and Daniel Johnston", it was quite good and I recommend it to people familiar with him, however I don't know how the movie would be for people who aren't.

During the movie, they interview the lead singer of the band the Butthole Surfers while he was getting a tooth filled at the dentist, I didn't like that scene. Anyway, I played the song Sweat Loaf as it was featured in the movie and it reminds of my days at CHRW where Dave, Brian, and I used to play that song and mix in wacky sound bites during the quiet parts, the original mash up. I tried it here with the only spoken word record I could find in the station - George Carlin, but no matter who it was, I think that it needs to be about 4 in the morning before the process makes sense.

I played the Diskettes song "Art" as Michelle was part of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition going on that weekend in Toronto. I ended the show honouring the 60th anniversary of the bikini, it was introduced on July 6, 1956 although it was already being worn by French women for many years, that style of swimsuit got its name that day. Plus I never need an excuse to play "Wild Bikini" by Tullycraft.

TALK - Theme
Melba Moore - The Magic Touch
Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Saffire - Wild Women Don't Get The Blues
Candi Station - His Hands
Dimitiri From Paris - Nothing to Lose
TALK (mostly chick rock set)
Vancouger - Naughty (C) **Second favourite song of the show
The Stolen Minks - Black Widow (C)
The Pipettes - Hurts To See You Dance So Well
J.A.L.E. - Jesus Loves Me (C)
The Diskettes - Art
Butthole Surfers - Sweat Loaf
Daniel Johnson - Mind Contorted
Irene - Stardust
The Summerlad - The Balled of El Communicado (C) **Dedicated to Iain
The Get Sets - One Sneaker (C)
Harvey Danger - Sad Sweatheart of the Rodeo **video features Ione Skye
Donovan - The Way **Biological father of Ione Skye
Belle and Sebastian - Dress Up In You
Camera Obscura - Tears For Affairs
Math and Physics Club - Movie Ending Romance
MSTRKRFT - Easy Love (C)
Deep Dish featuring Lindsay Buckingham - Dreams
Chris Joss - Drink Me Hot
RAM - Love Is The Answer (C)
Ted Moses Quintet - Hidden Strength (C)
- The Leather Uppers (C)
Cousin - The Girl I Know
Tullycraft - Wild Bikini

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

June 23, 2006

Theme: A Night in Paris
On Air: Frank

I was really happy with how this show came together, probably something to do with the fact that I missed a show because of my knee surgery and had not been on the air in a month.

A special song I played was called "A Night in Paris", it is a song about Paris Hilton (the lyric goes "I want to spend a night in Paris"). Even better was that the version I got off the band's website was updated from the original with a new boyfriend (now gone) and new dog. The song was also topical as Paris was in the news for making out with Jose Theodore after the MuchMusic Video awards. In the same vain I played the Mojo Nixon song "Stuffin' Martha's Muffin" and the Show Business Giants "I've Got A Crush on Wendy Mesley". Unfortunately I couldn't find another song - "Winona Ryder, I want to rider her" but the song might only exist in my imagination.

I got to play another song by the Swedish band "Irene", I've only heard 3 songs but I love each one of them, I'm really looking forward to hearing their first album this summer.

I ended the show on a World Cup note (Go Argentina! - I have them in a pool), unfortunately the station no longer has the New Order song "World in Motion" that they did for the 1990 World Cup. I ended with Jens Lekman because I was under the mistaken impression that he was playing goal for the German World Cup team, it turns out the goalie's name is actually Jens Lehman, sorry my bad.

It was too easy but I had to follow up the Camera Obscura song (Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken) with the song it refers to - Lloyd Cole's "Art you ready to be heartbroken".

If you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo area for Canada Day and you are going to check out the fireworks on the University of Waterloo campus, be sure to stick around after the fireworks and on the main stage you will see Knock, Knock, Ginger, in my opinion they are the best local band around today.

TALK - Theme
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?
S'ambassadeur - Kate
Venus & Fergus - Song For My Head (C)
Tasty Treats & Smelly Feet - Jet Ski Accidents (C) **Love this band name
Knock, Knock, Ginger - Looks & Books (C)
The Hylozoists - Smiley Smiley (C)
Figurines - Rivalry
Math and Physics Club - Graduation Day
Irene - To Be With You
TALK (Funky set)
Professor Longhair - Big Chief
Catherine and the Firebirds - He's Sure To Remember Me
Jo-Jo and the Fugitives - Chips, Chicken, Banana Split **Love this song title
Lil'Ed and the Blues Imperials - Pride and Joy
Herb Albert - Green Peppers
Nous Non Plus - A Night in Paris
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper - Stuffin' Martha's Muffin
Show Business Giants - I've Got A Crush On Wendy Mesley (C)
Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs - Back Where You Came From (C)
The Leather Uppers - Break My Leg (C)
Starbeam - No Earthly Means of Transportation (C)
The Girls - My Baby
Air Miami - World Cup Fever
Jens Lekman - A Higher Power

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

May 26, 2006

Theme: Vancouver Special
On Air: Frank

I didn't have an overall theme to this show, however I did start off each set with one of the albums I had purchased on my trip to Vancouver. And as I explained during the show I don't know the artist or title or my first song, I heard it on a Spanish language podcast and although the host says in English "Alan Clapp and his orchestra - Something strange happens" right before playing the song, I listed to an online version of that song and it isn't the same. Also the song doesn't contain those lyrics, the chorus is "leave all your old lives in the past". I have searched for songs with that lyric and haven't found anything. If you happen to know the song please tell me what it is, this is also a good incentive to listen to the podcast (remember you don't need an IPOD or even an MP3 player to listen, you can listen on any computer).

If you are thinking that it has been a longer than normal time between shows you are correct. After debating for a while, I finally decided to put a permanent fix on the ACL in my right knee that I tore a few years back. The surgery involved taking part of my hamstring and using that to replace the ACL. My last radio show would have been the day after my surgery, I was feeling pretty good that day but getting around the station would have been difficult, so it was probably a good thing I got a replacement for the show. By the way, the knee is feeling great, 10 days after the surgery and I'm walking without crutches, unfortunately I didn't come off the anesthetic very well and the pain drugs actually gave me headaches, nausea, and caused me to spend Sunday curled in the fetal position praying for death. As I said I'm much better now.

TALK - Theme
Mystery Song - Unknown
Alan Clapp and His Orchestra - Whenver We're Together
Beach Boys - Break Away
Salteens - You Stood Out From the Crowd (C)
James Kirk - Houston, Texax
The Doers - We're Open (C)
The Paper Cranes - I'll Love You Until My Veins Explode (C)
The Leather Uppers - On The Mic (C)
The Matadors - Rock'N'Roll Freakshow (C)
The Sin-Tones - Knot of Wood (C)
Colour Me Psycho - Mother's Worry (C)
The Goodies - Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
Kathly Lynn & The Playboys - I Got A Guy
Language of Flowers - It's Not You
Cub - Way to Go (C)
The Besties - Space Song
Herb Albert (Thievery Corporation remix) - Lemon Tree
Thievery Corporation with Astrud Gilberto - Who Needs Forever
Champion - The Plow (C)
Judee Sill - Soldier of our Heart
Cab Calloway - Everybody Eats When The Come To My House
The Concretes - Sunbeams
Eugene Ripper - Pulverizer Revealed (C)
Amy Millan - He Brings Out The Whiskey In Me (C)
Sarah Harmer - Uniform Grey (C)
Tokyo Police Club - Citizens Of Tomorrow
Destroyer - Water Colours Into The Ocean (C)
The White Stripes - Walking With The Ghost
Magnetic Fields - All The Umbrellas In London

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

May 12, 2006

Theme: Grand McClennan spotlight
On Air: Frank and Michelle

I had a few nice tidy sets for this show. The call and response set just kind of happened putting together a few of the new releases at the station with a song off of Derek's music blog (www.burymenot.com), I think the Cab Calloway song is the most well known song of this type.

The Grant McLennan set is pretty self explanatory, the reason for playing the Church is that Jack Frost consisted of McLennan and Steve Kilbey of the Church. In one of the articles I read about his passing it said that the Australian senate passed a motion recognizing his contribution to the country, that's cool.

There was also a set of music by some of the people who have been confirmed at the Hillside festival.

TALK - Theme
Irene - Baby I Love Your Way
The Doers - The Next Level (C)
Marianne Mendt - Wie Glockn
Koop - Summer Sun
Small Sins - Big Within (C)
Danielson - Did I Step On Your Trumpet
Cab Calloway - Minnie The Moucher
The Stolen Minks - Peppy Twist (C)
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - Double Chocolate Malted
The Go-Between - That Way
Jack Frost - Over You
GW McClennan - Easy Come, Easy Go
GW McClennan - Lighting Fires
The Church - Metropolis
Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs - Tilsonburg (C)
The Fembots - Demolition Waltz (C)
Grievous Angels - Gordie and My Old Man (C)
Irma Thomas - Flowers
Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas - Time To Do My Thing
Great Lake Swimmers - Various Stages (C)
Matt Mays and El Torpedo - Ain't So Heavy (C)
Final Fantasy - He Pos Clouds (C)
Hidden Cameras - Fear Is On (C)
Feist - Mushaboo (Postal Service Mix) (C)
Clexico/Iron and Wine - A History of Lovers
Destroyer - European Oils (C)
Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah - Over and Over Again
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - This Love Of Mine

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

April 21, 2006

Theme: Playing Catch Up
On Air: Frank

On this show I managed to take care of a lot of songs that I had been bringing to the station
for a few months but never playing, that might be why some of the sets are a bit disjointed.
I also found some various CDs in the CKMS delete pile that brought back some memories
 (and made me feel old) so I had to play them:
Ian Knope - Solar, Man of the Atom (from an Edmonton compilation that I remember from way back)
Altogether Morris - Eaten Alive (I remember that when Dave and I first played this song many years
ago, he guessed that the band name came from an episode of Tales of the Riverbank (starring Hammy
Hamster), but this has never been confirmed, unfortunately the CD is showing its age and didn't play
 very well in the CKMS CD players)
The Vinaigrettes - PS I Hate You (I never played this album when it first came out, but this was
Carolyn Mark's first band)

Maxine Brown - Oh No Not My Baby
The Shangri-las - Out In The Streets
Massive Attack - Live With Me
Ivy - Four In The Morning
The Clientele - I Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Tiga - You Gonna Want Me
Prodigy - Voodoo People
Russian Futurists - Still Life (C)
Hot Chip - Over and Over
Scarboro Aquarium Club - Black Swan Days (C)
The Clash - City Of The Dead
NOFX - The Man I Killed
The Sainte Catherines - Burn Guelph Burn (C)
Stolen Minks - Boys On The Floor (C)
Hawksley Workman - No Sissies (C)
James Kirk - Felicity
The Concretes - On The Radio
Jens Leckman - A Man Walks Into A Bar
Sondre Lerche - The Curse Of Being In Love
Final Fantasy - Arctic Circle (C)
The Diskettes - 1 2 3 4 5 (C)
The Diskettes - Jump Up (C)
The Doers - Step To The Left, Step To The Right (C)
The Doers - Moment Noticed (C)
Ian Knope - Solar, Man Of The Atom (C)
Altogether Morris - Eaten Alive (C)
The Vinaigrettes - PS I Hate You (C)
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Rent A Wreck
Shapes And Sizes - Wilderness (C)
The Lovely Feathers - In The Valley (C)

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

April 14, 2006

Theme: New CDs
On Air: Frank

This past week I got to play songs from the six new CDs that I had received in the mail before the last show, in fact I got them the day before the last show so some of them I didn't even get to listen to before I played them on the air. The rest of the sets were a mis-mash of new stuff and the usual upcoming shows at the Starlight set.

Knock, Knock, Ginger - Virginia Black (C)
The D'Ubervilles - War on the Poor (C)
The Doers - Wicked World (C)
Daniel Johnson - Crazy Love
The Miniatures - Any Day Now (C)
The Stolen Minks - Chug A Lug (C)
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Parakit
The Honest Johns - Judas In Me Singing
Lovejoy - Everybody Hates Us And We Don't Care
James Kirk - Rehab
The Silent Boys - Wishing Well Eyes
Of Montreal - Requim for O.M.M.
Acid House Kings - 7 Days
S'Ambassadeur - Between The Lines
Morrissey - You Have Killed Me
The Charade - Monday Morning
Carolyn Mark - 2 Days Smug and Sober (C)
Luther Wright and Wrongs - Celia (C)
Oh Susanna - King's Road (C)
Young and Sexy - Conventional Lullabies (C)
Gentleman Reg - Plan On Including Me (C)
Jonathan Richman - Roadrunner #1 **Digital Vinyl
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Parade
We Are Scientists - Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs - Fancy
Look People - Stop Making Cheese (C) **Digital Vinyl
Scarbora Aquarium Club - Queen of the Beach (C)
Massive Attack - Be Thankful For What You've Got

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

March 31, 2006

Theme: 80s music
On Air: Frank and bit of Barry

The first half of the show was the usual mix while the last half melded into Barry's all 80s show that followed mine.

In the second set I played a song by Meryn Cadell, most people remember her song "The Sweater" from the mid 1990s, well in a strange turn Meryn came out as transgendered in 2004 (on the CBC) and he is now a professor at UBC. The reason I know this is that Karen mentioned that he pitched a song on the former CBC show The National Playlist and his voice is as deep as mine. And speaking of The National Playlist, does anybody know why the CBC took it off the air? It seemed like a very popular show that was aimed at the demographic the CBC is looking for.

By the way you can read about Cadell here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meryn_Cadell

James Kirk - Get On Board
Belle and Sebastian - Sukie In The Graveyard
Baskervilles - It Can Happen To You
Lovedance - You Should Know Where I'm Standing
The Doers - No Right Now (C)
The Doers - Everyman (C)
Meryn Cadell - The Sweather (C)
P:ano - When You Garden In Your Garden (C)
Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On (C)
Silverhearts - New Pilgrim (C)
Buttless Chaps - Migratory Birds (C)
Whale - Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Phenomena
The Creeping Nobody's - 2nd Occupation (C)
Barmitzvah Brothers - Somewhat Conceivable's Evil Twin (C)
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - It's You
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Grace
Spirit of the West - John Goodman (C)
The Go-Betweens - Bye Bye Pride
They Might Be Giants - Don't Lets Start
Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
The Cure - Close To Me
Pet Shop Boys - What Have I Done To Deserve This?
Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies!
The The - Infected
The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Kon Kan - Harry Houdini (C)
New Order - Age of Consent

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

March 17, 2006

Theme: Short songs and a bit o' green
On Air: Frank

As my top song this week was only one minute and 3 seconds long, I decided to play an entire set of short songs, this resulted in 14 songs in 24 minutes, perhaps the most I have every played in a row without talking. I had to follow this fast set with a mellow one to recuperate. The show also featured the return of Digital Vinyl, because of some rearranging of my office at home it has been difficult for the past few months to do it, but now that I have a new laptop I am back in the digitizing business.

The Pipettes - It Hurst Me To See You Dance So Well -1:03-
Air Miami - You Sweet Little Heartbreaker -1:48-
Electric 6 - Nuclear War On The Dance Floor -1:16-
Swearing at Motorists - Slave To The Kettle -1:48-
Pink Mountaintops - New Drug Queens -1:47-
Young And Sexy - The Night Wears A Sombrero (C) -1:58-
Pipas - Wells Street -1:53-
Adventures in Stereo - Down In The Traffic -1:28-
Le Mans - Astronauts A.S. -1:27-
DD/MM/YYYY - So Cold (C) -1:02-
The Gruesomes - Wish You Were Her (C) -1:34-
Les Sequelles - La Machine (C) -1:50-
Les Breastfeeders - Mini Jupe Et Watusi (C) -1:57-
Deja Voodoo - Bound For Glory (C) -1:16-

Finnigan's Tongue - Abilgail Becker (C)
Honest Johns - Hollywood Affair
Sondre Lerche - Minor Details
Ben & Nathan - Geeky But Hot (C)
Jens Lekman - Cold Sweedish Winter
The Concretes - Choosen One
Essex Green - Don't Know Why You Stay
Acid House Kings - That's Because You Drive Me
I Love You But I Have Chosen Darkness - The Ghost
Math and Physics Club - You're So Good To Me
Magneta Lane - Wild Gardens (C)
Ashley MacIssac - Bitch (C)
Editors - All Sparks
Interpol - Slow Hands
MC 900 Ft Jesus - If I Only Had A Brain
Dik Van Dykes - Curling (C)
Supreme Bagg Team - 20th Century Dog Faced Boy (C)
Robocop Kraus - I Picture You
Hot Chip - The Beach Party
The Smitherines - Only A Memory
The Pogues - London Girl

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

March 10, 2006

Theme: Nothing
On Air: Frank and Wayne

It was great to have Deep Space Wayne on the show last week, even though the theme to his set was "CDs from Wayne's car". As we had to play some music during the show, we weren't able to have all the conversations we wanted, but we did our best to keep up with the "more talk, less rock" credo of the station. He was also gracious enough to offer to share his "roll up the rim to win" cup with a caller which he opened live on air at the end of the show, unfortunately it didn't win. Of course if it did win we might have had a court case like those two little girls in Quebec.

Essex Green - This Isn't Farm Life
Belle and Sebastian - Another Sunny Day
Acid House Kings - This Heart Is A Stone
Papermoon - Better Days (C)
Mike Erb Band - Tracked Me Down (C)
Issac Hayes - Theme From Shaft
Mundo Livre - Meu Esquema
Bombay Dub Orchestra - Compassion
Astrid - Running Home (C)
Richard Underhill - 3 AM (C)
The Chills - Heavenly Pop Hit
Young and Sexy - The Curious Organ (C)
Pink Mountaintops - Plastic Man, You're The Devil
The Robocops Kraus - After Laughter come Tears
White Stripes - My Doorbell
Elliot Brood - Only At Home (C)
Buttless Chaps - Migratory Birds (C)
Leeroy Stagger - Let Her Down (C)
Ben & Nathan - When Water Chokes (C)
Red Snapper - 3 Strikes You're Out
Beta Band - Liquid Bird
The Organ - Memorize The City (C)
New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (C)
The Fembots - So Long (C)
Powderfinger - These Days

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

March 3, 2006

Theme: Nothing
On Air: Frank

Yes, it was only last week that I was on, but I'm filling for Charlene this week so it will be three weeks in a row for Fireball XL5 (Lord help us all). If you want to play a game with set number 2 on the podcast try and guess the second song in each of the 3 sets of songs: In each case the first song has been compared to a well known act, the second song was by the well known act. For those you that don't want to play along, the full listing of the second set is at the very bottom of the mailout.

Acid House Kings - Do What You Want
My Morning Jacket - Off The Record
Calvin Johnson - Your Eyes
Barmitzvah Brothers - Hollow Time Of Night (C)
Belle and Sebastian - The Wrong Girl
The Radio Department - Deliverance
Jesus & Mary Chain - Between Us
The Robocop Kraus - You Don't Have To Shout
The Fall - Couldn't Get Ahead
Egger - Pixels (C)
The Inbreds - Matterhorn (C)
Elliot Brood - Oh, Alberta (C)
Clothes Make The Man - Singles Only (C)
DD/MM/YYYY - Death & Taxes (C)
DD/MM/YYYY - Culture Industry (C)
Final Fantasy - This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine (C)
Boy - French Diplomacy (C)
Skye - Love Show
Morcheeba - Otherwise
Astrid - Turn Me Loose (C)
Ivanna Santilli - Breath Inn (Moonstar Remix) (C)
Dois Irmaos f/ Mariana De Moraes - Como Vou Fazer
Ladies & Gentlemen - STAY (C)
I Am The World Trade Centre - Soiree
Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng (Live)

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

February 17, 2006

Theme: Newer music
On Air: Frank

I had to start out with the Belle and Sebastian spotlight as of course the first single from their latest albums was the best song I had heard in the previous four weeks (Coupled with the fact that I was going to see them the next week in Toronto).

Unfortunately, the venue for the Belle and Sebastian show was the Docks, and it sucks royally. Never ever see a band there, I command you. First off, parking is $15 and you still have to walk a good piece, then for a large place not many people have a good sight lines to the stage, I got a bit closer for B&S, but once I moved up I couldn't move again and although I could see the band, anybody under 6 foot 5 would have had trouble.

However, the band itself was actually quite good, apart from the obligatory healthy number of songs from the new release, the rest of the setlist went really far back into their 10 year history, and unfortunately for me only one song from their previous release "Dear Catastrophe Waitress".

See another review of the concert (by listmember Derek) here: http://www.burymenot.com/2006/02/final-date.html

The Juno award set went well (congrats to Joel Plaskett for picking up the songwriter award at the East Coast Music Awards) as did the set of songs from the Poppolar podcast (available at www.poppolar.com). And if you like the last song by Jens Lekman, you can download it and many others at: www.jenslekman.com/presents.htm

Belle and Sebastian - Funny Little Frog
Belle and Sebastian - The Blues Are Still Blue
Belle and Sebastian - Stay Lose
Belle and Sebastian - I'm Waking Up To Us
Belle and Sebastian - Dirty Dream No. 2
Belle and Sebastian - The Fox In The Snow
Isobel Campbell - Johnny Come Home
TALK (Juno awards set)
Joel Plaskett - Happen Now (C)
Feist - Inside and Out (C)
New Pornographers - Broken Breads (C)
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies) (C)
Metric - Patriarch On A Vespa (C) **See Note 1
TALK (Songs from poppolar podcast)
The Primary 5 - Mail Man
Math and Physics Club - Move Ending Romance
Instant Cafe Records - Call My Name
Nice Man - Cayo
Ashby - Getting Started
Pinstripe Mystery - NOTLD (C) **Telephone Request
DD/MM/YYYY - Blue Screen of Death (C)
Young and Sexy - Your Enemy is Asleep (C)
Barmitzvah Brothers - Little Jack (C)
The Buttless Chaps - Caboose (C)
Arctic Monkeys - Riot Van
Smokekiller - Standing In Line (C)
Burnt Oak - Oh Kiki (C)
Swearing at Motorcyclists - Still Life With Bottle Rockets
Jens Lekman - I Don't Know If She Is Worth 900 Kr.

Note 1: Dedicated to Mary and Chris, as when I was visiting them in Regina I picked up a cool red Vespa T-shirt

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

January 20, 2006

Theme: Newer music
On Air: Frank

I was planning on doing a show with lots of new releases, but in looking at the new release section at the station there wasn't a whole lot of CDs that caught me eye. Good thing I brought a lot of new music myself.

At the end of the first set I played a song by local band the Haunches. On their website they invite you to remix their songs and send them your results. See details here: www.dadmobile.com/haunches/remix/

I ended with a song by the Stars whom I saw with Mary and Chris in Regina a couple of Fridays ago (that is why I missed the last radio show in case anybody noticed or cared).

The Ordinary Boys - Life Will Be The Death Of Me
Knock Knock Ginger - You Could've Been My Johnny Marr (C)
The Smiths - You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby
Electronic - Getting Away With It
The Haunches - Vampirella (C)
Geoff Berner - Maginot Line (C)
The Sadies - Little Sadie (C)
Neko Case - Mood To Burn Bridges (C)
OK GO - You're So Damn Hot
Controller.Controller - Poison/Safe
Youth Gone Mad - The Streets Of Southern California
The Duke Spirit - Love Is An Unfamiliar Name
The Polytones - King of Siam (C)
EFarm - Used To Know (C)
The Dropouts - Sucker Punch (C)
Magneta Lane - The Constant Lover **Telephone Request
The Lovekevins - Soviet.Se
The Honest Johns - Perfect Girl
Port City - Meanwhile The Months Go By (C)
Fun100 - Hygiene Boy (C)
Ninja High School - By Purpose Not By Plan (C)
The Hummers - Au Feu (C)
Scott Free & Nicola Torriero featuring Joseph Watson - Get It Together (C)
Sucking Chest Wound - Who Shot The Pope? (C)

Stars - Soft Revolution (C)

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

January 6, 2006

Theme: Best of 2005
On Air: Frank

I didn't really have an overall strategy on how I played the songs on the Best of 2005 show, however I did leave my picks for the top 3 albums of the year until close to the end.

I had a tough time picking the top album from my top three. But in the end, I chose the CD that I most consistently wanted to be in my player, New Order's "Waiting For The Siren's Call". I know it is old school but even after all these years they still managed to put out a solid album. I put the Diskettes down as number two with their album "Weeknights at Island View Beach", their low-fi sound is about as far from New Order's as you can get. The Magic Numbers self-titled CD was number three, the album is filled with lots of incredibly catchy songs.

You can see all my picks for the best of 2005 here: http://www.civil.uwaterloo.ca/frseglen/archive/setlists/2005/best_of_2005.htm

One of the hardest things I had to do was to make sure that the albums and singles were actually released in 2005. I was good with most of the albums, but I was surprised at how many of my picks for singles were actually from 2004. Then there is also the difficulty in deciding what to do about albums that were released in their native countries in 2004 but not in Canada till 2005. That is why my number one single is "Heartbeat" by Annie, although it was released in Europe in 2004, it only came out here in 2005.

Le Sport - Tell No One About Tonight
The Futureheads - Decent Days and Nights
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot
SS Cardiacs - Noo Noo (C)
Russian Futurists - Paul Simon (C)
Dandy Warhols - Smoke It!
Elefant - Misfit
Magneta Lane - The Constant Lover (C)
The Cloud Room - Hey Now, Now
Novillero - The Hypothesist (C)
Elliot Brood - President (C)
Carolyn Mark & Corb Lund - Sweet Thing (C)
Kathleen Edwards - In State (C)
Clap Your Hands And Sey Yeah! - The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
Sharon Jones & The Dapkings - How Do I Let A Good Man Down
Oneself - Bluebird
Ivy - Thinking Of You
Lemon Jelly - Make Things Right
Antony and the Johnsons - Fistful Of Love
Calvin Johnson - When Hearts Turn Blue
Firefly - Made Me Glad (C)
Crooked Fingers - Call To Love
Portastatic - I Wanna Know Girls
The Mountain Goats - This Year
Jens Lekman - Julie (Remix)
Magic Numbers - Forever Lost
The Diskettes - Get Together (C)
New Order - Krafty
Black Mountain - Modern Music

(C) Denotes Canadian Content