Of course I named the show after the great album by the Smittens and I pay homage to the band by using a clip of their song 11:11 for my theme. I hope the band doesn't mind, but when I have talked to various members of the band after shows they seem like nice people whom I think would be good with it.

I also use this name for my DJ night happening occasionally at the Jane Bond in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Note that the links to shows older than 6 months might not be working, if you really want those shows please send me an email and I can get them to you. (Note that prior to 2018 I called my podcast FireballXL5, so don't be confused if you look at an old setlist)

Special thanks to Jeff Woods for finding my a place to host my mp3s!

March 3, 2006

Theme: Nothing
On Air: Frank

Yes, it was only last week that I was on, but I'm filling for Charlene this week so it will be three weeks in a row for Fireball XL5 (Lord help us all). If you want to play a game with set number 2 on the podcast try and guess the second song in each of the 3 sets of songs: In each case the first song has been compared to a well known act, the second song was by the well known act. For those you that don't want to play along, the full listing of the second set is at the very bottom of the mailout.

Acid House Kings - Do What You Want
My Morning Jacket - Off The Record
Calvin Johnson - Your Eyes
Barmitzvah Brothers - Hollow Time Of Night (C)
Belle and Sebastian - The Wrong Girl
The Radio Department - Deliverance
Jesus & Mary Chain - Between Us
The Robocop Kraus - You Don't Have To Shout
The Fall - Couldn't Get Ahead
Egger - Pixels (C)
The Inbreds - Matterhorn (C)
Elliot Brood - Oh, Alberta (C)
Clothes Make The Man - Singles Only (C)
DD/MM/YYYY - Death & Taxes (C)
DD/MM/YYYY - Culture Industry (C)
Final Fantasy - This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine (C)
Boy - French Diplomacy (C)
Skye - Love Show
Morcheeba - Otherwise
Astrid - Turn Me Loose (C)
Ivanna Santilli - Breath Inn (Moonstar Remix) (C)
Dois Irmaos f/ Mariana De Moraes - Como Vou Fazer
Ladies & Gentlemen - STAY (C)
I Am The World Trade Centre - Soiree
Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng (Live)

(C) Denotes Canadian Content

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