Of course I named the show after the great album by the Smittens and I pay homage to the band by using a clip of their song 11:11 for my theme. I hope the band doesn't mind, but when I have talked to various members of the band after shows they seem like nice people whom I think would be good with it.

I also use this name for my DJ night happening occasionally at the Jane Bond in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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March 14, 2008

Theme: Pi Day
On Air: Frank

It was only during the show that I was reminded that March 14 is also known as Pi Day (03 14). That person also hooked me up with the song by Kate Bush. By the way, the actual title of the song by Kate Bush is the mathematical symbol for pi, but it is difficult to get that symbol to print in these text files. A quick search of Hype Machine found another "Pie" song by Ben Hibbard and Ted Leo that was not only a Neil Diamond cover but also described here ( http://www.friendsoftom.com/fotpedia/index.php?title=Porcupine_Pie ) as "the worst song in the history of mankind".

I started off with some artists that I hope to be seeing in a few months: all of Lykke Li, El Perro Del Mar, and Anna Ternheim are touring together this spring. And although I am missing the Toronto show, as it happens I will be on the west coast when they are playing Seattle so I'm going to see them there.

There were also a lot of CDs in the CKMS new release section that were interesting, including the entire album from Adele that contains last week's top song. I scanned through the rest of the CD and the rest of it sounds really good as well.

Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone
El Perro Del Mar - How Did We Forget
Anna Ternheim - To Be Gone
Anna Jorvinen - Gotgatan
Hawksley Workman - Alone Here (C)
Luther Wright - Goodtime (C)
Vampire Hands - Paradise Knife Fights
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Gold Son
TALK (Pi set)
Kate Bush - Pi
Ben Hibbard and Ted Leo - Porcupine Pie
Friday Bridge - Love and Nostalgia
Oh No Miriam - Girls at School
The Teenagers - Starlett Johansson
Grand Theft Bus - Don't Go Say That (C)
D'Ubervilles - Hot Tips (C)
The Lovely Feathers - Rod Stewart (C)
The Sugarettes - Ready Steady
Dog Day - The Uptown Train
Joe Jackson - The Uptown Train
Adele - Tired
Under Electric Lights - Your Rainy Days (C)
Russian Futurists - Sentiments and Syllables (C)
Supreme Beings Of Leisure - The Light
Francis and the Lights - Striking
Maynard Ferguson - My Sister (C)
Moses Mayes - Jungle Plums Part 2
(C) Denotes Canadian Content

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